Wednesday, July 14, 2010

School and Life update

Hey all who may read this blog--

Ok, so as for school:

Working on projects, hoping to get them done ASAP. I've been making non-wearable teeth for practice and today in class we're learning how to make wearable dentures that are customized for our partners :D. I'm excited!!!

I am really excited because of the makeup that I"m going to do to my friend and the fact that the teeth go with it. She's going to be Mommy Fortuna from "The Last Unicorn". I know I won't get the full makeup done by Otakon, but I would love love love! to get the sculpt and the teeth done by then.

Why am I concerned about Otakon in the school update??? Because PETER S. BEAGLE IS COMING TO OTAKON!!!!! I want to get as much done with the makeup as possible before heading out there. I want to show him what I can do :D.

Also sort of concerning a combination of school and life-- As long as I'm actually hired, I will be doing an internship at a haunted attraction- Rich's Fright Farm, I believe. It should prove to be very awesome. I'm hoping to work on construction, painting, airbrushing, designing, etc. during the July-September round and do some makeup from September-October for the attraction. The theme this year is Zombie Apocalypse!!! So I'll get to make zombies *kekeke/giggle*

It'll be a chance for me to apply what I'm learning out in the field which, even though it may be hard to balance an internship with classes, will give me a boost in confidence that I can actually do what I was taught.

For an actual life update-- Some of you may know that I've been having stomach/digestive problems for a while. My stomach hasn't actually been right for years with all the random aches, pains, etc. A few months ago, my doctor diagnosed me with an ulcer. It was stress related, he said, which made sense since finals time was coming up...EEP! However it's continued to hurt and I've had some flare-ups. I've gotten rid of some habit/behaviors/factors that cause the flare-ups (decreasing any junk food intake, no spicy food :(, no alcohol, no tight waist pants), but I still have problems. I had a bad set of flare-ups this past weekend and I was basically like "Done" "No more"

I have to do something about it, so I'm now going to get an ultrasound, because guess what?! I may have a dysfunctional gall bladder. Yay! Not really. It's not yay at all. I do want the problem to be fixed, but hopefully I won't go as far as to need surgery.

Just hoping for the discomfort/pain to go away. I want to enjoy food again and being able to do other stuff in life without sitting in the corner and sulking because my tummy hurts. Blech!

I'm going to be optimistic though! I will get better no matter what happens. Just have to keep positive. My parents and my brother are helping out a lot ^_^

Til later, I've got to go do some homework!

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