Friday, September 18, 2009

An update?!?

Hey all, I'm updating tonight for some random reason-- guess I felt like it. There's been so much stuff going on since I last posted on here that it will take a whole other post to cover it >.< However, this time around I'll put up some stuff I put on my Myspace page.

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Hey everyone,

Just a little updatey on what's going on in mah life:

I recently (the beginning of this month) took a tour of the school I'm going to (at the end of the month!!!). I'm going to pursue a career in special effects!

And, before you all go and ask if it's computer graphics...I must say STOP! It is not computer graphic, but in fact, the awesome world of making masks, casts, body parts, props, and robots! Yes, you heard me right---robots! (well, that doesn't come til later). I'm really jazzed that I'll be doing a program wherein I'll get to sculpt and sculpt and cast and sculpt :D It's going to be so much fun!!!

And incredibly time consuming and impossibly hard, but it's going to be great :D. I want so bad to be involved in the movies or tv or some studio that does special effects.

I'm super excited about that all cause everything seems to be falling into place- all the financial stuff, housing, moving there etc-- there are even some good hardware and craft stores within driving distance so I'm not going to be stranded.

However, I'm incredibly sad at the same time. I'll be leaving all my friends and a big chunk of my family behind. I'll miss them all so much!!! But, at least I'm still going to be in state and able to come home sometimes. It's not a forever goodbye :)

Ugh...I have a nasty cold right now. My throat hurts, my sinuses are acting up, and my lungs are full of...stuff. icky stuff. Hopefully that all goes away by the time I move out.

Wish me luck! :D I hope to return as a cosplay queen and will help all my friends who want to make costumes with sweet masks, mods, and props :) and robots...