Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update Uuberfail! Ha.

Hey all,

So--If you read my last entry you'll realize that I did not in fact update more than once back in March. I didn't even update in April or May! lol. So I'm going to try to pick up the pace and do an update now.

What's been going on since March?

I was in my second semester in March, so that's been finished. I helped with a student movie called "The Mechanical Man". I did some minor props- a steampunk style movie projector and an old fashioned hopping frog toy powered by a bellows. I have yet to see the movie, but the effects/design director told me that my frog toy was featured up front in the film :D.

In April...I went to Tekkoshocon 8. I didn't get to cosplay or participate in the hall cosplay competition, but oh well, I did get to enjoy myself. Got to see some friends, met up with ABJD (Asian ball jointed dolls) people and bring Tsuki with me. I also got to see some good panels, see Greg Ayres again, and go to a couple of concerts (for FREEEEEEEEEE!) That's why cons are so cool ^_^.

After that, in mid April I went to the Seismic Phoenix Mock Disaster Relief training exercise with a bunch of other Douglas students (Specifically from the Savini program). It was a fairly large training exercise for the medical teams in the Pittsburgh region of PA. They were supposed to be preparing for an earthquake disaster; and we as students were brought in to create realistic wounds and injuries on the volunteer patients. It was a lot of fun working with that, but I don't feel too confident in our medical staff >.>. They got all kinds of confused. Just saying...

Late April I went home to see my family for a while since it was my B-day. I enjoyed seeing my parents, brother and sis and niece and my grandparents. :)

Now, what to say about May...May was hectic. It was the last month of my second semester at school. I had to get a lot of final projects done-- Hair and beards, Sculpture, Mold making, and Airbrush. That whole month was basically finishing up projects. However, the results of my stuff actually came out pretty good. I found out how much I actually love Sculpey and that I want to use it more and more for making sculptures. I also found out that ventilating Lord Yupa's beard is incredibly hard, lol.

I took off two weeks in between semesters at the end of May and into June. It was a much needed break for everyone. Spent the first few days at my apartment to just collect myself, but then I went home the second half of the break to see my friends and family. :).

Now, it's June. I've started my new semester with the resolve that I am going to spend more time on my projects and try to do a lot of outside projects to keep me going. It's less than 8 months before I graduate, which is REALLY SCARY, but I'm hoping to fine tune my skills before then and be ready to work once I leave.

In the meantime, I've set up a temporary portfolio site. You can find it here:

I'll be using this blog as the blog and updates section for my site. So, you'll be directed here when you click the updates/blog link on the main site.

I JUST jumped on the band wagon. Got an account at Here it is:

I want to have people ask me questions, but link it specifically to my website so that I can have legit questions get asked. Hope I haven't created a monster!

The whole thing with my site is, the Verizon site is temporary. As soon as I can I will be getting my original site up and running. That'll be my main portfolio site and I will move all my info to that one ^_^.

I plan on also getting another website because I don't want it to be cluttered. It will end up being my company website. With that, I plan on making a new ball jointed doll and resin figurines both painted and unpainted. How does that sound? I like the ring of it :). If the company gets some strength behind it, I want to travel to conventions and sell stuff there. Loads of fun!

As of this moment in time though, I have to get back to work on my sculpting. I'm making a Baku, or "Nightmare Eater". It's a bust of one that will later have a gas mask on it (because my teacher really wants to see it in a gas mask for some reason, lol).

As soon as I get that done I will be posting pics of it either on facebook or my website. I'll be putting up more pics on my website soon.

Ja ne,

Rya :)