Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update for March 2010 (Let's see if I can do more than one this month, lol!)

So, what's been up on my end of things?

Last update was September-- so I'll start from there.

Started gonig to school- I've been here for 5 months so far, and it's really cool, I love all the classes and my teachers. This is definitely the kind of place I was destined to go!

So far I've learned how to do lots of makeup, both cosmetic and special effects based (got to make burns, bullet wounds, etc, so cool!)

I've also done a lot of sculpting. A looooot. I still haven't finished a lot of the projects I started, but I will do that in my free time.

Re-learned some anatomy in my Anatomy and Anthropology class. Suffice to say it could have been 2.5 hours long a week instead of 4.5 hours and I would have still gotten the same amount of info...

Toward the end of the semester, I got to help with a film that my teacher was co-producing. I liked it for what it was, a job where I got to be dedicated and work to make something that will be shown on film. However, I don't know if I'm made for the world of movies. The rigorous schedule that you have to go through is hard, and I was only doing a few pre-production effects!

That's why I've resolved to become a toymaker. I can utilize almost everything I've learned here so far and will learn and apply it to toys. My plan (a loose plan because concrete ones never work! lol. ) is to graduate, possibly take another semester with the Dorian Cleavenger program, go work for a toy company for a while, then go start my own company once I learn the ropes. I want to have a main part of it be a ball-jointed-doll company :).

That was just the first semester- I've started on my second semester now- sculpting, mold making/casting, airbrush, and hair & beards.

It's really quite spiffy. My teachers are all really awesome! I'm fortunate to have airbrush because most people in my class have to take "Art Appreciation" which is another name for art history, which is another name for BORING. I got to transfer out because I did my duty as an art student at PSU already, which required minimum 4 art history classes to pass.

Must say, I really enjoy going to class. It makes me feel like I'm learning and will actually graduate with a purpose. That's the beauty of a trade school- you learn stuff that will help you get a job asap in a small amount of time :).

I've met a lot of neat people at school, but much to my chagrin, there are a lot of other people who I just can't stand. Mainly it's because they're gore-hounds and care only about the blood and carnage that is in horror films. They don't want to expand into other genres and don't want to learn how to sculpt, which is a main part of practical special effects. It really bugs me that a lot of people are only concerned about style, partying, and getting drunk. If you're at this school, you should be here to work, not waste your life away. Hence, this isn't college, and really, you should be at least in your 20s before taking this program. You'll be more grown up, gone through life somehow, either school or just life experience, and more able to live with each other.

I've not had the best luck with roommates- they've made my life kinda miserable outside of class (see previous paragraph). I do still like my old roommates as people, but I could never get anything done when I was living there. There was also a huge blowup because I got diagnosed with asthma and they continued to smoke in the house (which, by the way is illegal in the contract we signed as roommates). My current one (luckily she's moving out this weekend), has too many issues to count. She makes my stomach hurt when I see her. Just the sight of her...because I just know she's going to stomp, slam her door, and in general just be a baby.

I musn't make my whole entry a rant about that though-- I do have some friends here and that makes me happy. I don't know how close I can get though since we'll all be graduating in less than a year and moving in drastically far and different places. (I'm not going to LA if I don't have to). I do enjoy thoroughly getting to see people here that want to work. I like hanging out with the later semesters whenever possible because generally they're good people who know what they want to do :).

I'm also helping with a student film this semester- making steam punk gadgets for a story that a classmate of mine wrote :). I'm excited, just have to get stuff started...

As for art and such:

I've been making plushies and such since I've been here. Whenever I get the chance I try to make plushies, clothing for dolls, and other stuff so that I can keep my crafting hands intact. I'm currently planning on making a whole show about Octopi/Octopuses, whever school of thought you attend. I want to do it as a multi-media show including plushies, sculptures, paintings, and illustrations. I've contacted someone about a gallery showing, but I think I should just call her.

Hoping once this weekend is over, I'll have a lot less tension in my life and I can start making more stuff for the show and for my etsy account. I need to open that up again since it's been closed up for a long time.

Rargh! Hope to be updating more!! I'm going to be posting pictures of all my stuff on facebook/deviantart/here once I get stuff together and get the internet. Can't wait! ;D