Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ryaven Effects Update/School update

Ok, tonight I'm updating the site with portfolio pictures. I will be mainly putting up pics for my school work and curriculum related ventures. Once I get more pictures of other stuff I've made I will post that too.

As for school-- I'm currently working on a second set of teeth for dentures. The first one is a set of "nasty old people teeth" which I will be using along with my multi-piece appliance* to make a Mommy Fortuna makeup on a classmate.

The second set of teeth I'm working on are for myself. I am going to make Grelle Sutcliff's teeth from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. He/she/it has wicked fanged teeth like a piranha and wields a chainsaw, which I will be making for my props class next semester.

I'm working on sculpting a bust of a Kappa**. I am intending on it being one ugly beastie and to not look like most other Kappa out there.

Currently, I am getting ready to do a multi-piece appliance of Mommy Fortuna, or at least an old, angry woman. My goal is to make it good enough (including the costume, makeup, wig, props, etc.) that I can send pictures of it to the original author of The Last Unicorn. In the very least, I would think he'd get a kick out of it if not consider promoting my work when the rights for the current live action movie run out.

*Multi-piece Appliance: A customized prosthetic makeup composed of several separate pieces that later get joined. They allow for more movement in the face and are much more complicated than a one-piece appliance.

**Kappa: A Japanese water sprite-- Attributes: Appearance of a turtle, frog, duck, and human. They have a bowl on their head that holds their life source water. They are known to kidnap children that get to close to the river and drown them/eat them. They are also known to attack other people and suck out/eat the victim's entrails through their anus.

Despite all of their nasty habits, they are actually polite creatures and follow Japanese ritual when they are greeted formally. If one wishes to thwart an oncoming Kappa, they simply bow to them. Out of humility, the Kappa bows lower than the person, therefore spilling its life water and weakening or dying. Other methods to stave off the Kappa are cucumbers and sometimes watermelons, for which they have a fondness.

They are often depicted as cute green ducky things with turtle shells and bald heads but can also be shown as ugly demons all covered in wrinkles with sharp beaks. They really resemble a turtle or frog though.

There's your history lesson today!!

Off to updating :)

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